[Nottingham] RedHat 8.0

Michael Erskine nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Feb 7 11:58:01 2003

Ladies, ladies - if you could return to your respective corners and put
down your bulky handbags and pointy hairbrushes ;-)...

We all have our favourite distro(s) and we all have had different
experiences of distros - and some of those experiences have been
frustrating, infuriating, demoralising, and sometime permanently
damaging. These are some of the Linux community emotional hotbuttons and
we shouldn't go pressing them without some groundrules.

I think that (sometimes) obvious tongue-in-cheek flamebait statements
that are in danger of misinterpretation should always be properly
labeled or qualified -- e.g. by the appripriate smiley ;-) or some other
identifier such as the popular <flame> </flame> tags. We are not talking
face-to-face here and the subtleties of conversation are less available
to us in 7-bit ASCII.

But then again, I do like a good mail fight (I wonder if there's an
Fight Club type therapy mailing list).=20