[Nottingham] Presentation to NLUG

Marcel Taylor nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Feb 7 21:57:01 2003

Hi Duncan and Paul

Duncan, if you want any more info from Richard, I suggest you contact him=
directly. I'll be helping Richard get any kit, etc. from his work place t=
our NLUG venue in Beeston. Having done my bit, I pass the=20
organisation/publicity to you and Paul. I think it was Paul that suggeste=
inviting other LUGs. I agree. I'm sure Richard will put on a good show! B=
any measure he has managed a successful Linux project.=20

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Subject: Re: Fwd: Presentation to NLUG
Date: Fri,  7 Feb 2003 09:32:02 +0000
From: Richard Heggs <Richard.Heggs@nottinghamcity.gov.uk>
To: Marcel Taylor <marcel@namaste.uklinux.net>

Hi Marcel,

It was good to see you yesterday, and I hope some benefit to NotsCC comes=
 a result.  I have chatted to Paul Martin(City IT Mgr.) and told him that=
might be
 getting a phone call from Steve Sankey(County IT Mgr.) on the subject.

Quoting Marcel Taylor <marcel@namaste.uklinux.net>:
> Would you be able to give your talk on Wednesday 5th March? We have our
> meetings on the first Wednesday of the month. The meetings start at 8p.=
> for
> about an hour. How long would you want for your talk?

This is fine, I've inked it into my diary now.  I would think that 45 min=
should be plenty of time.  When I present I like to do it interactively, =
so I
will invite questions and discussions during the presentation.

I will definitely have a slide-show, and I might possibly have a server a=
 well, this depends on whether I can liberate one from the office for the

Richard Heggs
Systems Analyst
City of Nottingham Council

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