[Nottingham] wireless cards

Rob Andrews nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Feb 8 20:53:01 2003

[08-Feb-2003 17:28.23 (GMT) / Tom Bird]
 > > NetBSD for 68k processers only works on 68020 and above (I think the 68EC020
 > > had troubles but take it as fine). Chances are high, and I have NetBSD on
 > > CUAmiga magazine lying around somewhere with it on.
 > I've run NetBSD on a Sun 3/110, which has a 16.67MHz 68020 with a Sun MMU.
 > The A4000 will certainly have at least a 68030, which comes with an MMU.

The 68030 in the A4000 is an EC version, which is a cut down version without
the MMU.

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