[Nottingham] RedHat 8.0

Steve Caddy nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Feb 9 19:33:01 2003

> But am I right in saying that Redhat defaults to graphical login :)

I run RH 6.0 atm, and it defaults to a text terminal login... can't say
anything about later versions, cos I still can't get them to install (this
thread has only resulting in a "my distro is better than yours" debate,
rather than some useful information, as I'd hoped).

> Debian would still win, because I love apt. apt really is better than
sliced bread!

I've seen apt, and I can't say I'd swap distro just because of a package
installer. In saying that, I've never had any trouble with RPMS. If it ain't
broken, don't fix it.

Talking of broken... my RH8.0 install... oh... I said I'd give Slackware a
go didn't I? (I've been away for the weekend, and I've forgotten what I was


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