[Nottingham] Next Meeting, Wednesday 5th March

Martin nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Feb 11 13:27:01 2003

Duncan John Fyfe wrote:
 > Thanks to Marcel Taylor we have Richard Heggs of Nottingham City
 > Council coming to tell us about the use of SuSe Linux for their
 > email system[1].
 > So far the best venue has been suggested by Michel Haber.  This
 > would be at Nottingham Trent University in the city centre but
 > would meen starting the talk at 19:00


 > (rather than 19:30) so we are
 >  out of the building by 20:30.

Tight... Someone will have to be watching the clock and do the stage 
manager trick...

 >  It would also mean billing it as
 > "in association with the  School of Engineering"

Errrk... I guess Michel acts as rep for them!

 > ...it cheap at half the price - which leads me nicely on to
 > suggesting we ask for GBP 2.00 per head for this meeting.

Quickly hits the magical currency of = 1 GBPint!

 > So in summary:
 > Next meeting will: Wednesday 5th March, Subject: Nottingham City
 > Council's use of SuSe Linux.
 > Pre-meeting gathering:  ~18:30 Wetherspoons (Roebuck Inn) off the
 > square. Meeting:        19:00 - 20:30  NTU - to be confirmed 
 >  Wetherspoons as pre-meexitng.
 > Cost: GBP 2.00 per person.
 > Comments / questions ?

Good, go for it!

Awaiting with interest,

Martin Lomas