[Nottingham] Detective required

Godfrey Nix nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Feb 14 23:03:01 2003


I go by bus most days (when not cycling), and catch my bus home outside the 
door of the Mechanics. It is on Trinity Square, next to Victoria Centre. I 
will go and enquire.

On Thursday 13 February 2003 11:02 am, Duncan John Fyfe wrote:
> I have been in touch with "The New Mechanics" wrt rooms for hire for
> LUG meeting.  Their bookings bod isn't in at the moment but I have been
> informed that:
> They have plenty of rooms that would suit 20-30 people (ie. a normal lug
> meet) and charge GBP 22.50 for a morning/afternoon/evening (open
> 10am-10pm).
> I am hopeful of using a Nottingham Trent lecture theatre[1] for March and
> April's meetings but a room at "The New Mechanics" might suit the LUG
> better than the church in Beeston for our normal presentations.
> Since I work in Leicester it is going to be difficult for me to check the
> place out.  So we need a willing volunteer to wander down there and see
> what they have to offer (and check what facilities they have - do the rooms
> have power points, can we hire an OHP or LCDP from them ?) and report back.
> Any volunteers ?
> Have fun,
> Duncan
> [1] Bigger venue with LCD projector.  This would mean the presentations run
> 19:00-20:30, they would be public (which they already) and we might only be
> able to ask for voluntary donations but I'm happy with that.