[Nottingham] NanNet

Alex Tibbles nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Feb 18 15:31:00 2003

> > Software cost money, but if we share it then it
> cost's less....
> >
> > If you truly understand open source software, then
> why can't you apply
> > this to open networking?


> It still costs money to dig trenches and maintain
> fibre, switches,
> routers, all need staff.
> You can't distribute bandwidth by just slapping it
> on a CD like you can
> software.
<unsubstantiated claim> There simply isn't enough
badnwidth from 0Hz to ~10GHz for even current
uses</unsubstantiated claim>. (Maximum bandwidth
There certainly isn't enough wireless bandwidth for
continued growth in internetworking. The scale of
potential bandwidth consumption is vast. Think of
Gibson's characters who have arm-sized fibre-optics
running into their flats.


> Sigh.  I'd like a proper link again.  Not to thrash,
> just so that when I
> do want something, that it arrives fast.
Indeed - it is far more useful to have a 1Mbit/s link
that only yields 30GB per month or 360GB/ year (per
day could be annoying) than a 11KB/s link 24/7/365
(which is 1GB evenly over the day). Ignoring that
importance of simple round trip latency, 11MB/s could
easily get maxed out just with a graphics-rich website
and increase total latency (eg. click-link to
fully-rendered page).

Lee, what are your goals? Elimination of commercial
I think that projects like naan are of limited benefit
(still interesting) 'cos the 'revolution' has been in


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