[Nottingham] NanNet

Alex Tibbles nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Feb 19 17:44:01 2003


> Alex: So how about a mesh WLAN that incorporates BGP
> routing (or whatever)
> to aggregate multiple domestic Broadband connections
> to create a larger WAN
> 'pipe'?

I guess that boils down to how many "light-users" you
can easily fit on a broadband connection without the
broadband ISP cutting you off vs. how many people
volunteer a portion of their broadband connection.
I think that if, say, I donate 10% of my broadband
connection (I won't really miss it much and it should
be enough that I'll bust my quota on NTL/ cost my DSL
provider an arm and a leg), then that will suffice for
one person to check their email. It would be
comparable to GPRS.

I know little about the complexities of routing
(beyond knowing that it is complicated and hard to
scale) so can anyone tell me how easy it is to route
10,000 mobile users in an urban area, using an
aggregation of 10,000 broadband connections?

BTW, someone mentioned www.locustworld.com which
claims to do one part of this problem (AFAI understand


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