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Lee nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Feb 19 17:51:01 2003

On Wed, 2003-02-19 at 14:59, Paul Sladen wrote:
> On 18 Feb 2003, Lee wrote:
> > On Tue, 2003-02-18 at 14:20, Tom Bird wrote:
> > > On 18 Feb 2003, Lee wrote:
> Hello Lee,
> Okay, I'll bite...

:-))))))) ouch, my finger...

> > > > If i was sitting in telehouse, I wonder how much 512k would cost me?
> If you /could/ buy less than a 1Mb.  Between 60.00-200.00ukp/month for 512Kb.
I guess that's  uncontended

> > > You've got to accept that *bandwidth costs money*.
> > open source software, [...] why can't you apply this to open networking?
> The issue is more a case of buying the hardware to run and write that Free
> Software on--then the on-going cost of the electricity bill.

Electricity = solar power... ?!! Crazee but it's been done.
Hardware = find in skips.

> (You can even, *occasionally* find the odd person stupid enough to give
> their labour to run your network 24/7 for you, for nothing.)

Well, I'm trying to rise to that position, can't get a job in this city,
at the moment I'd rather be stupid and be free, than get paid and get
treated like shit, and in sysadmining work that's always the problem!!!!
don't you agree?...., so why not play around with my own network for a
bit. That means instead of swearing at ntl/bt I can swear at myself, and
blame me for all the problem my network causes me, sounds ideal don't
it. I must be really stoopid.... ;-) or am I?

> > Those who own the cables(physical medium) always dictate the price
> Because (like computer hardware), they cost.

but what do they cost? that was the point,. I'm no long haired hippy
freak, I beleieve things cost, but I'm interested in what they cost, and
cost to me means more than money, there are other costs to be
considered, can you think of few?

> > If BT/NTL can't get prices right, then let somebody who can,
> Go for it.

You gonna help me, stick a naan in your house, and help the mesh? 

> The downfall of this industry has been everyone collectively reducing their
> margins to the point of nothing.

Which Industry?  linux? telephones? computers? networking?

> The fastest pipes in this city are /not/ Frame Relay.  However FR does
> enable all those cheap-skates who want <2Mb connections to get them
> affordably, without paying through the nose for the capacity they are not
> going to use and efficently making use of what is spare--without being
> penalised with useless levels of service.

It's also twenty year old technology...that sucks....sucks big time, all
that lmi business, I'll learn it, trouble shoot it, but I'd never
install it, it crap...from a networking perspective, but from a 'I live
in the real world, and have lots of cash hungry shares holders to
please, but don't want to upgrade my network', then things are
different. They way bt has handle ADSL in this country is a fiasco, I'm
ashamed to live on this rock sometimes... I really am.

> > If I asked for a gigabit fiber ethernet connection..
> BT LES1000 (GigE) pricing is here:
>   http://www.serviceview.bt.com/list/current/docs/Private_Cir_/13097.htm
> Starting at 27,000.00ukp install (per end point) with rental at 18,000.00ukp
> per annum for the first 25Km and then 2.00ukp/metre after that.

wow...that's cool , What if I don't want to use BT for this service?
oh dear..... we should club together and get one of those.

> London is about 200km (200,000metres away).

so, whats so special about london, why does every bit of telecom's
traffic go through london? hmm, I wonder... I wonder what would happend
if old osama and his evil friend decided to get rid of telehouse? oh
dear....talk about internet fault tollerance?

> When you get there, a Gigabit of transit will cost you upwards of
> 100,000.00ukp--per month--or at least 1.2M+ GBP/yr.  All +VAT.

wow!!!! that's cheap.

> > weird... Why do I feel this country is in the bandwidth dark ages?
> Tell me how much (and how long) you think it would take you to dig a trench
> from London to Nottingham with your mini-JCB and spade?  Then try and work
> out work the legal costs of the wayleaves is going to be compared.

Who said I'd be laying cables....yeh get meh!?

nice debating with you Paul

> 	-Paul
> -- 
> No War.    Nottingham, GB

No War..I'd have to agree with you there...

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