[Nottingham] NanNet

Paul Sladen nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Feb 19 15:00:01 2003

On 18 Feb 2003, Lee wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-02-18 at 14:20, Tom Bird wrote:
> > On 18 Feb 2003, Lee wrote:

Hello Lee,
Okay, I'll bite...

> > > If i was sitting in telehouse, I wonder how much 512k would cost me?

If you /could/ buy less than a 1Mb.  Between 60.00-200.00ukp/month for 512Kb.

> > You've got to accept that *bandwidth costs money*.
> open source software, [...] why can't you apply this to open networking?

The issue is more a case of buying the hardware to run and write that Free
Software on--then the on-going cost of the electricity bill.

(You can even, *occasionally* find the odd person stupid enough to give
their labour to run your network 24/7 for you, for nothing.)

> Those who own the cables(physical medium) always dictate the price

Because (like computer hardware), they cost.

> If BT/NTL can't get prices right, then let somebody who can,

Go for it.

> why do you think so many small to medium ISP got eaten up or put out of
> business by the big telco's????

Dunno perhaps they were once [mostly] highly profitable profitable...?  
Looked attractive and has seized to do their job of building dial-revenue
for the carrier and were now taking that profit away.

The downfall of this industry has been everyone collectively reducing their
margins to the point of nothing.

> getting transit is fairly easy,

If you happen to be where *it* is, yes.

> but getting this bandwith to the people

Think you might be getting it now.  This's the bit that costs.

> fastest pipe you can get in this city is piped over Lame Relay,

The fastest pipes in this city are /not/ Frame Relay.  However FR does
enable all those cheap-skates who want <2Mb connections to get them
affordably, without paying through the nose for the capacity they are not
going to use and efficently making use of what is spare--without being
penalised with useless levels of service.

> If I asked for a gigabit fiber ethernet connection..

BT LES1000 (GigE) pricing is here:


Starting at 27,000.00ukp install (per end point) with rental at 18,000.00ukp
per annum for the first 25Km and then 2.00ukp/metre after that.

London is about 200km (200,000metres away).

When you get there, a Gigabit of transit will cost you upwards of
100,000.00ukp--per month--or at least 1.2M+ GBP/yr.  All +VAT.

> weird... Why do I feel this country is in the bandwidth dark ages?

Tell me how much (and how long) you think it would take you to dig a trench
from London to Nottingham with your mini-JCB and spade?  Then try and work
out work the legal costs of the wayleaves is going to be compared.

No War.    Nottingham, GB