[Nottingham] Microkernal GNU Mach (with GNU Hurd)

Martin nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Feb 20 19:38:01 2003

Robert Davies wrote:

>>Martin wrote:
>>>Anyone using/ playing with the GNU Mach/ GNU Hurd combination for Linux?
>>>for further details.
>>>(Could be a good subject for a LUG talk/demo!)
> Anyone for changing the name of GNU .....
> GNUL is not UNIX or Linux?

Good then! We need a talk to exactly define what Linux might be, what it 
might be understood as to be, and what is popularly believed...

The next talk might then get around to mentioning Mach, Hurd and whether 
they are yet usable!!

James Duncan wrote:
 > Ahh, the Duke Hukem Forever of operating systems ;).

Is that a positive or a negative blast? Or very prophetic??


(So what's in an OS? Rhetorically meant (;->))

(PS: Note that "for" can be used having a similar meaning to 'instead 
of'... Next lawyer, pedant, robot, computer into the bullring please!)

Martin Lomas