[Nottingham] Local Systems Builders

Martin nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Feb 24 14:14:01 2003

Robert Davies wrote:

 > In this case I want quality ballbearing 12v DC 60mm x 25mm fans,
 > fairly quiet  ones (3 pin, speed varying, approx 35m3/h and 30db
 > <2W), and *do not need* a  'cooler', I ought to be able to get 3 or
 >  4 for the same cost as the boutique  prices on overclocker sites.

For this case... (good multiple pun (:-))

Try scan at Bolton:
(Note: 10 approx p&p per order)

LN3715 Coolermaster Internal Case Fan 60mm 4.04 4.75
LN3715 Coolermaster Internal Case Fan 60mm Ball Bearing 3.25 3.82
LN697  Coolermaster Internal Case Fan 80mm FAS-B83 3.75 4.41
LN4468 Coolermaster Internal Case Fan 80mm with FLASHING LED 3.95 4.64
LN2011 Coolermaster Internal Case Fan 92mm 3.95 4.64
LN3045 Coolermaster Premium Heat Sink Compound & app' Kit 3.25 3.82
LN4314 Coolermaster Prostudio sound proofing Kit for Case 12.00 14.10
LN4191 Enermax Case Fan 120mm (FANVC12FAB) Twin Bearings Call Call
LN4189 Enermax Case Fan 80mm (FANVC8FAB) Twin Bearings 4.19 4.92
LN4190 Enermax Case Fan 90mm (FANVC9FAB) Twin Bearings 5.95 6.99

I got two of the Enermax fans - 3pin (+ve, 0v, speed sense), includes a 
little pot to manually vary the speed from about 1000 to 3500rpm. Quiet 
compared to my HDDs and 6900rpm CPU turbine!

No connection with Scan other than having had good service from them.

Locally, you could always try your luck at Maplins or PCWorld!


Martin Lomas