[Nottingham] NTL Cache Performance Suggestions

Robert Davies nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Feb 27 17:45:02 2003

On Thursday 27 February 2003 16:41, you wrote:
> Hi,
> Shortly before I go suggest NTL shove their Nottingham caches where the
> Sun doesn't shine (they really are /absolutely crap/ at the moment), I
> thought I would point out that the Oxford caches are working fine.
> For those using NTL, if you are also having unaccepable issues:

What's the problem?  I was using NTL Broadband today and it worked great for 
me, first thing this morning I saw routing issues to some ISP's in the 
states, and some of Deutsche Telekom's network in germany seemed flakey, but 
apart from that it was quite good day :)

Maybe you're seeing cache poisoning again?

> inktomi1-oxf.server.ntl.com
> There are 5 similarly named caches there and a google search yields the
> others around the country - but the Oxford ones are running fine on port
> 8080 and probably the regular transparent filter on port 80.
> I'm sure we could get in to a discussion about how shitty NTL recently
> became, but then those of us using it already know this - I figured the
> cache alternatives made this worth saying. Either NTL have a much reduced
> budget or the one greybeard hacker keeping things moving recently left.

So I think Jon's suggestion works like this....

run a proxy cache locally and then point it to use a proxy itself at port 
8080 explicitly on inktomi[1-5]-oxf.server.ntl.com.  A convenient way to  do 
that is by defining 5 A records or a multiple CNAME 's in a local DNS server 
domain *grin*

It makes sense as NTL consolidates all it's traffic somewhere near London 
Gatwick, and the M25 effect seems to be contagious