[Nottingham] Hosting your own domain/s?

Kus nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Jul 7 13:53:00 2003

Greetings and saultations.

Just have a browse down the list of excellent and most humorous domain names various advertised members have registered for themselves and found myself feeling a definate sudden pang of nameserver

I have therefore resolves to register myself a domain instead of using the extremely un-sexy no-ip.com subdomain I've had for donkey's years.

I'm running a gentoo based server hosting (for free) muds, shells, ftp etc. on a 1mb ntlworld pipe and it would be nice to have a more unique ID and be able to offer mailboxes and such forth or setup
squirrelmail or something. That said, I dont actually know how it pans out financially to host your own domain or if thats even neccesary; the whole entire domain registering thing I just never
bothered to do, err ever. I dont really want to spend much, less than 50 quid ideally. Bit of a poor student and what not.

Can some bright spark on-list lay it all bare nude for me so I can figure out if I can afford to register/transfer/host my own, or if thats the way to do it?

Failing that if anyone is willing to bung me a subdomain of a suitably wacky flavour aimed at my i.p. I could go for that. :)

All the best.


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