[Nottingham] Hosting your own domain/s?

Kus nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jul 8 10:54:01 2003

>This is the sort of thing, which degrades service to others in your 
>neighbourhood, due to the limmitted upload capacity.  NTL ought to monitor 
>this kind of usage at peak times, rather than the ham fisted 1GB per day no 
>more than 3 days in 14 download rule, which ignores whether the traffic was 
>avoiding evenings when the service is heavily loaded.

If I pay for a service, I intend to use it. Ntlhome isnt CHEAP you know. 25.99 a month + =A375 installation fee eats into the pocket of a student quite merrily. Not mentioning all the cat53 to wire up
the house, the time, the effort. Business ADSL can costs hundreds, even thousands after you factor in all the hidden charges in the small print.

As for degrading the service to others, do you think they arent all doing the same thing? I live in a student area, most houses contain not less than 5 computers all downloading and uploading gigs a

Co-location is overkill for a shell and ftp. Maybe if you're an organization with an agenda and a purpose, whatever no worries go for it. If you're just a home user who shares a few movies and
miscellaneous files with his friends .. whats the point? Indeed I was under the impression that *was* the point of residential cable network services. 

In my view if you want to base an argument on fair usage, then limit the usage, charge accordingly, make it clear and enforce your *organised* policies. NTL being the regional franchise it is, that
will never happen. And we can only look to the government (ha ha) for some better more competative legislation on commercial non-business home broadband services. Until then, Ntl are providing a very
good service indeed for a very good price. I'm certainly very content with them, and if you want more upload as I said, it costs. Quite reasonably so. 


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