[Nottingham] Hosting your own domain/s?

Robert Davies nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jul 8 11:16:03 2003

On Tuesday 08 Jul 2003 10:53, Kus wrote:

> If I pay for a service, I intend to use it. Ntlhome isnt CHEAP you know.
> 25.99 a month + 75 installation fee eats into the pocket of a student

I know, but if NTL could afford to put some decent tech staff onto this you'ld 
probably be kicked off the service and looking for alternatives.  The problem 
is that the cable and ADSL bandwidths are asymmetric, on assumption that 
homes download much more than they upload, this was true until P2P took off.  
Basically you're running the sort of service, that good ISPs allow in their 
networks, Innotts had MUD machine administered by a customer for instance, 
sited on their premises.

> quite merrily. Not mentioning all the cat53 to wire up the house, the time,
> the effort. Business ADSL can costs hundreds, even thousands after you
> factor in all the hidden charges in the small print.
> As for degrading the service to others, do you think they arent all doing
> the same thing? I live in a student area, most houses contain not less than
> 5 computers all downloading and uploading gigs a day.

This is the "tragedy of the commons", people abuse it, why do you think 
Business services cost more?  It's not just because business ppl don't care 
about money you know.

> Co-location is overkill for a shell and ftp. Maybe if you're an
> organization with an agenda and a purpose, whatever no worries go for it.
> If you're just a home user who shares a few movies and miscellaneous files
> with his friends .. whats the point? Indeed I was under the impression that
> *was* the point of residential cable network services.

You talked about a 24/7 apparently international FTP service, and NTL will be 
loosing money on serving you.  This sort of thing might well explain why some 
NTL users are very disatisfied with the QoS, here I'm lucky, it's generally 
fine execpt at peaks on evenings and weekends, which I can work round.