[Nottingham] Hosting your own domain/s?

Alex Tibbles nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jul 8 13:02:02 2003

Routing is a hard problem (NP complete, I guess -
please correct if I'm wrong) so having routers that
route _really well_ (like not going via TeleHouse etc.
for local traffic) would require very powerful
routers. I suspect that the reason this isn't the case
is that wasting bandwidth is (much) cheaper than
having supercomputers for routers.

(I think that this is mainly becuase routing
calculations have to be distributed, and fast.
Therefore, there is no possibility of computing the
answers in one place and distributing them, it has to
be done at the point of routing. So, you'd have to
have very powerful computers everywhere routing is
performed, which is pretty much everywhere on the

But, what are bandwidth vs. CPU power trends? 20 years
for ~1MHz -> ~1GHz in PCs.
Should I compare LAN or WAN technologies?
What were modems like 20 years ago? Guess: 1200bps ~=
1kbps. Now 512Kbps ~= 1Mbps.
LANs: ethernet 10Mbps -> Gigabit ethernet 1Gbps took
20-30 years?
So both increase around 3 orders of magnitude in 20
years. Strange - my guess would have been that CPU
would have followed storage and beaten bandwidth.

<let the rambling continue - sorry>

> Maybe this is slightly off topic, but this is why I
> think projects like 'Naan'
> are so awesome :) If access to bandwidth was
> 'clustered' geographically, i.e.
> a wireless LAN in each city then maybe link the
> cities by fibre, and have
> maybe some web proxies per city (or WLAN), that'd be
> ideal. It'd even be
> viable to do this via the government and pay for it
> through a 'broadband tax'
> or something. I just think it's a waste when, if I
> want to access a website in
> Nottingham, it's likely I'll be routed via some
> backbone located in London
> (which is probably congested). It would be
> interesting to find out how much
> Internet traffic (for an average home or business
> user) is limited to one city
> as opposed to the rest of the country and
> international traffic. Just random
> thoughts :)

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