[Nottingham] Linux InstallFest / Awareness Day 1st November

Duncan John Fyfe nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jul 9 15:11:01 2003

Hello again subset of everyone,

As some of you may remember we had a little discussion about an install fest...

Well, thanks to Robert & co.  we have a venue booked for Saturday 1st November 2003.

Deatail are:
	Green's Mill and Science Centre
	Windmill Lane, Sneinton, Nottingham NG2 4QB

The following blurb is going into the next (current ?) What's On:

"Want a new way of using your PC?  Why not try Linux, Linux is a new,
community developed system that can run on old and new PC's alike but
will enable you to have more control over how your PC works. Nottingham
Linux User Group will be holding a day-long event to help you try out
Linux, with taster sessions and demonstrations throughout the day.  Find
out how to get e-mail, use the Internet without pop-up adverts and even
create professional websites without having to pay a penny for the

Now we need lot's of volunteers and ideas for the day ;)

So far ideas and thoughts for the day which need fleshing out are:

1. Bring and Install
	They bring their computer, we install Linux.
	PROBLEM: Backing up their data.
	Personally I think the best we can do is say "make sure you have everything important
	backed up before you come"

2. Lot's of demos.
	GIMP, Evolution, games , email.

3.  Who are we aiming at ?
	Joe/Jo public, local businesses ... (all) ?

4.  Linux tutorials.
	Can we get hold of a screen and projector for the day (I'd hope Green's Mill
	would have one).

5.  Equipement / People
	Any offers greatfully received.
	We will need machines to run demo's on and probably a network.

6.  Sponsors
	Please guv, spare a poor impoverished LUG a copper for a cat cable...

We hope to use the September meeting to finalise some of the plans and decide upon
what we are going to do (and have resources for) including a 'distro war' ie.
what distro are we going to install (remember this is probably aimed at the un-initiated
so Gentoo is probably not the best idea) and what distro(s) are we going to use
for demo machines (eg Knoppix).

Have fun,

PS. My plan so far is for the regular 5th Nov meeting to be an easy meeting
for people enticed by the above event (he said hopefully).  This might
be a good opportunity to trial an "Introducing Linux" lesson.

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