[Nottingham] Linux InstallFest / Awareness Day 1st November

Philip Scott nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jul 9 15:24:00 2003

> Now we need lot's of volunteers and ideas for the day ;)
Put my name down provisionally, allthough, I'm not sure what I'm doing 
tomorrow never mind on November 1st :)

>PROBLEM: Backing up their data.
Matt Walster has one of those USB harddrive adapter things, perhaps if someone 
were to donate a sizable disk for the day, we could put important stuff from 
various computers onto it, and then burn it to cd for them or something?

> 2. Lot's of demos.
> 	GIMP, Evolution, games , email.
*cough kde* *cough koffice* :)

> 4.  Linux tutorials.
> 	Can we get hold of a screen and projector for the day (I'd hope Green's
> Mill would have one).
I don't have one of these, however I can wangle a vga splitter to plug about 
12 monitors into one vga output, which has a simliar effect  (it's what we 
use for meetings at nottingham microcomputer club)

> 5.  Equipement / People
> 	Any offers greatfully received.
> 	We will need machines to run demo's on and probably a network.
As long as I am around, Daisy (my computer ;) and I shall both be attending.

> We hope to use the September meeting to finalise some of the plans and
> decide upon what we are going to do (and have resources for) including a
> 'distro war' ie. what distro are we going to install (remember this is
> probably aimed at the un-initiated so Gentoo is probably not the best idea)
> and what distro(s) are we going to use for demo machines (eg Knoppix).

I think you're right. I think pretty much for absoloute beginners it's between 
redhat and SuSE, and I personally would go for SuSE.. But then, I suspect 
there will be much disagreement on this :)

> PS. My plan so far is for the regular 5th Nov meeting to be an easy meeting
> for people enticed by the above event (he said hopefully).  This might
> be a good opportunity to trial an "Introducing Linux" lesson.
Sounds good to me!

Kind Regards,