[Nottingham] Linux InstallFest / Awareness Day 1st November

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Wed Jul 9 15:56:00 2003

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On Wed, 2003-07-09 at 15:10, Duncan John Fyfe wrote:
> Now we need lot's of volunteers and ideas for the day ;)
> 1. Bring and Install
> 	They bring their computer, we install Linux.
> 	PROBLEM: Backing up their data.
> 	Personally I think the best we can do is say "make sure you have everyth=
ing important
> 	backed up before you come"
Let's not forget the does it work on my Mac issue...
> 2. Lot's of demos.
> 	GIMP, Evolution, games , email.
Right, I was thinking that it may help to do a couple of writeups for
the software packages.  I did have a great list of packages that we
could demo but lost between the pub and my study, pants! :(  However
broadly I suspect the sort of people that would come to an installfest
would want:
1) User productivity apps (someone mentioned koffice) I guess that means
a browser plus mail and office (DTP?) apps.
2) Games (well we all need some time out right? :).  I don't suspect we
need to show much in this regard, just something that works on a 486 and
something cool and requiring a swanky GFX board.
3) Development, I'm thinking web development as opposed to C/Java here.
Something like Quanta and Gimp.
4) Internet security/business, everyone loves a good hacker story, linux
has top security features and some gfreat business apps (e.g. quotas,
print and ip accounting).  I'm not sure about this one but I suspect
someone will ask.
I've dropped an openoffice writer doc on the message to give an idea.=20
It has to be useful to someone running through a demo with a user and
also approachable so we can give the user one with their shiny new linux
> 4.  Linux tutorials.
> 	Can we get hold of a screen and projector for the day (I'd hope Green's =
> 	would have one).
Hmmm, I suspect one-on-one demos would work much better.
> 5.  Equipement / People
> 	Any offers greatfully received.
> 	We will need machines to run demo's on and probably a network.
I have some names of those who have previously volunteered.
> We hope to use the September meeting to finalise some of the plans and de=
cide upon
> what we are going to do (and have resources for) including a 'distro war'=
> what distro are we going to install (remember this is probably aimed at t=
he un-initiated
> so Gentoo is probably not the best idea) and what distro(s) are we going =
to use
> for demo machines (eg Knoppix).
I contacted Roger from SuSE who offered SuSE copies of their
last-but-one distro for us (currently 8.1) for us.
Robert Postill
Tel:07968 801326

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