[Nottingham] Linux Evening Class

Marcel Taylor nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jul 10 22:35:00 2003

This is a partial repeat:

I did a Java evening class at Arnold and Carlton College, Bath Street (ap=
x. 10=20
participants). They. have a room full of PCs. It would be possible to loa=
(for example) SuSE on all the PCs, make Windows the default OS. So all th=
existing Windows classes (they teach Word, Excel, etc.) get Windows. We t=
up, turn on and load Linux.

p.s. MS may have a contract with the college which excludes other OSs ? W=
not phone them (the college not MS [joke]) and find out?

However, even if they do:
James Gibbon's suggestion is good. The Linux lecturer turns up with a lap=
and a projector and gives a non hands-on lesson, etc. i.e. none of the=20
college's PC are touched.

The Linux lecturer turns up with a laptop and a projector. Participants b=
their own laptops.

I think there are more people moving to Linux and want to know how it wor=

I just want to know how to use Linux on my laptop. I'm a beginner, you ar=
experts. Yes, Duncan, I had thought that I would get=20
'tuition/guidance/lectures/etc. suitable for a beginner at NLUG meetings.=
now see that as you are all experts, having a beginners class at NLUG=20
meetings wouldn't work for you guys.

I am willing to pay. Evening Classes at colleges are cheap compared to=20
'professional' tuition given by companies. That is why I suggested Evenin=
Classes at colleges. Why not phone the college and find out?