[Nottingham] Linux Tuition

Roger Light nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jul 11 11:13:00 2003


>Running a course will mean hiring a room and equipment (unless we go
>with the 'virtual class' suggestion), so can anyone find us a sponsor
>that we can offer the course for free?

I don't think the issue is whether the course is free or not. Let us not =
forget that we have "charged" for previous lug meetings when necessary to =
cover the cost of hiring the room. It was done on a not for profit basis =
though and I believe that this is what people are taking issue with - the =
idea of making a profit from lug members.

I should point out that I have no problem with it either way (if Jon wants =
to offer a course, there is nothing that we can do about it after all), I =
just wanted to clarify some points that I thought were being confused.