[Nottingham] Linux Tuition

James Gibbon nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jul 10 23:37:00 2003

Simon Huggins wrote:
> I just wanted to remove any doubt from the minds of those people
> who, like me, thought that this was all being done in the
> community spirit. Did no one else read it like that?  Did everyone
> immediately think "Oh I wonder how much he'll charge" ?

No, I read it very much the same way you did and am very surprised
that one or two people seem to be approaching this in a spirit of
making money from it.  I have no wider ideological objection to
the profit motive per se, but I believe that it jars with the
essential raison d'etre of groups such as this, which should embody
a community spirit as you point out.

I give free technical advice and help to people very often on fora
and mailing lists like this one, I also receive it occasionally,
and if I were to support an initiative to provide a little training
and familiarity, it would be essentially an extension of this and
carried out in exactly the same spirit.  I'd be saddened to
discover that a majority of others involved didn't feel the same