[Nottingham] Linux Tuition

Martin nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jul 11 00:57:00 2003

Jon Masters wrote:
> There is no need to debate this forever however - simply that my belief
> is that we will need to charge to hold such a series and others feel it
> might be better if we hire the venue ourselves and take on all the
> liability because that is somehow the Free and Open thing to do.
> I argue that regular LUG meetings and mailing list activities are what
> make the LUG such an interesting place but in order to host some events
> then it is both necessary and wholly reasonable to do them right and with
> the correct resources required.

Fine sentiments to which I can agree. There is a very different context 
between informal ad-hoc free forum LUG meets/tutorials and (a slightly) 
more formal setting to run through specific learning goals.

> ... some kind of aukward situation on the list.

Look back to the initial responses. From my viewpoint, you overreacted 
on a tangent, all guns blazing, with no benefit for doubt. It's good to 
be very sure and to be the religious crusader, but only if _all_ the 
facts and context are also equally sure. There's various sayings about 
being _True_ ...

Mellow out! Or are you embarrassed about the idea of money being involved?

Meanwhile, there's certainly interest in some form of tutorials. It just 
needs someone to organise to follow through with what is wanted (hint (:-))

For my level of hackings, I'd be happy to partake in 'tutorial' type 
evenings but with a defined structure and end goal. Sort of formal but 
with free spirit! Mutual contributions to cover overheads.

For complete newbies, I could well imagine a good market for a more 
formal 'course'...

Where next? We should do a 'dummy' run before being swamped post 
install-fest (hint hint (:-))


Martin Lomas