[Nottingham] Linux Tuition

Godfrey Nix nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jul 11 10:00:01 2003

OK, folks. Please can we put an end to discussion about making money out
of linux? Freedom as talked about means just that - some are free to
make a living out of linux and others have the freedom to do it for

Just like me and the kitchen sink a few weeks ago - I had a choice to do
it myself for free, or to call in a plumber and pay for the work to be
done. After a couple of days without water, and elbow deep in effluvium
from the waste pipe, I was free to change my mind ...

There are some of us (lucky or what?) to already be earning a living
working with linux. That is because there are those who want a service
and are willing to pay us to do it. Same as I pay the garage mechanic to
look after my car.

Running a formal training course, and offering tutorial help are quite
different things.

Running a course will mean hiring a room and equipment (unless we go
with the 'virtual class' suggestion), so can anyone find us a sponsor
that we can offer the course for free?

Hmm, just had a thought. Can we get the local college(s) to offer the
course under one of the government schemes (I see adverts in the paper
for computer courses, but all at the moment are MS stuff). Then we get
taken on as the tutors? What that needs is a large enough group of
people requesting training in linux, and that needs students who are
aware of an alternative and that needs publicity and that needs ....

So, hands up all those who want to be students on a linux training
course? (Er, I think I heard that before, <grin>). I have a quick and
dirty counter/survey at www.gnnix.co.uk/lug-train.php