[Nottingham] wireless 54Mbps for desktop PC

Robert Davies nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jul 15 07:56:00 2003

On Monday 14 Jul 2003 22:36, Simon Amor wrote:

> Without buying one of every possible kind of wireless 54Mbps card and
> annoying PCWorld, Maplin, etc can anyone recommend a specific model
> which definitely works with Linux and deals with 802.11g

A while back vendors were touting 802.11g solutions before the standard was 
actually in final form.  There were still speed issues on method of 
interoperating with installed pre-11g base, and how much effect non-11g nodes 
would have on general net throughput.

Anyone been following Wireless more closely know the current state of play?

How effective is the Wireless security now?  Not only for preventing uninvited 
nodes actively using the net, but at withstanding passive listening.  Do you 
need to treat the Wireless network similarly to a DMZ?

Also there was one wireless card for PC, which had an (undocumented) feature 
of being able to operate in promiscuous mode, and act as a WAP.  That would 
be nice for those of us who use a Linux gateway server, rather than collect 
lots of smaller, special purpose boxes eg) router/firewall, switching hub,