[Nottingham] Dual Athlon MP : Any Experience on Power Supplies?

Robert Davies nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jul 15 13:27:01 2003

OK so a simple seeming Mobo, CPU and RAM upgrade didn't 'just work' and I have 
had to go into trouble shooting mode.  At first it appeared the Motherboard 
was faulty, having elimated CPU as possibility, but after testing with a new 
450W P/S that just arrived today the board fired up fine to my surprise.  So 
the 'newish' (March 2003) Thermaltake 'Silent' 420W P4/AMD P/S (which had 
never had the ATX +12V 'P4' CPU/AGP connector tested), must have been the 
cause.  Then I try the 420W P/S again with a minimal system after checking 
specs and it fires up fine!

So I wonder what P/S ratings folk need to use in practice in dual Athlon 
servers, preferably running a couple of disks plus CD/DVD-ROM off it?  The 
440BX dualie system ran fine off a 300W Sparkle P/S (common OEM cheapo make), 
with more devices enabled, so I thought 60 or 75 W extra per CPU was a plenty  
generous power budget.

Apart from that possibility, I'm flummoxed as I'd not touched the board or 
case, since the weekend, it's irksome to be unsure what the issue was.