[Nottingham] cdrecord WAS gnome toaster

Bunter Matthew nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jul 29 13:20:01 2003

Sorry a typo on my part, I did include the hyphen at the end of the =
command when .

I found this regarding the first error message from the cd-writing howto =

5.2 Error-message: No read access for 'dev=3D0,6,0'.=20
Under Linux, some versions of the C-library are incompatible (buggy), so =
that an application linked against one version will not work with =
another. An example for an error triggered by pre-compiled binaries is =
the following:=20

[root@Blue /dev]# cdrecord -eject dev=3D0,6,0
cdrecord: No such file or directory. No read access for 'dev=3D0,6,0'.

The solution is to install a newer C-library.=20

I would have thought that the C library with RH9 was up to date enough.=20
The CD-Writing howto has some good info that I'm going to try tonight =
but if anyone has any other advice I'll try their method(s) as well.


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On Tue, 29 Jul 2003, Bunter Matthew wrote:

> [root@esmerelda /]# mkisofs -r /special | cdrecord dev=3D0,0,0 -v =
--eject speed=3D4

        mkisofs -r /special | cdrecord dev=3D0,0,0 -v --eject speed=3D4 =

Some commands insist on the - to refer them to STDIN.

Also, read the man pages for cdrecord and mkisofs.
The cdrecord man page has some good examples.

Have fun,

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