[Nottingham] dd and partitions (Re: Very slow dd if=/dev/random)

Martin nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jul 30 00:07:01 2003

Well... I guess I left you lot dumnfounded by that saga!

A few thoughts later...

Martin wrote:
> [... Saga snippage ...]
> All a question of how exactly the partition tables are chained wrt the 
> superblock and logical partions:
> Relative or absolute addressing?

Don't know the answers for sure, but keeping in mind the superblock and 
partition tables chains in 'extended' partitions, and with blind faith 
in LBA, dd-ing partitions directly from one device to another should 
work, if done in the appropriate sequence.

A test with an 8GB drive -> the 200GB drive looked ok.

Might just need a little work with fdisk during/afterwards (:-))
(And rather pleased with the clarity from the linux fdisk!)

Or are there any better tools for editing partition tables?


Martin Lomas