CD-RW help 2 (Re: [Nottingham] Request for CDW help)

Martin nottingham at
Wed Jul 30 11:31:01 2003

Martin wrote:
> [... CD-RW kernel lockup problem ...]
> OK, after more ferklings...
> Still not having much success following online details about hacking
> /etc/modules, and /etc/modules.conf. Also tried on the append line 
> "hdg=scsi" (as opposed to hdg=ide-scsi) and that has the same effect as 
> specifying nothing... That is, system freeze immediately before the 
> splash screen for starting kde.
> This system uses devfsd, and there's .devfs and log in /dev. Using 
> modprobe to load ide-scsi or sr_mod or sg give kernel messages to say 
> its been done, but no found devices get listed.
> So still stuck.

Some time later...

Had the above problems with an old Sony CD-RW and an old HP CD-RW. Now 
using a more recent Acer CD writer and boot up is fine and exactly as 
all should be.

Can only guess that the older two drives had firmware that didn't 
support whatever probings, and the kernel modules weren't able to fail 

Now onwards to the next foible.

(And Linux would gain greatly from at least the critical scripts being 
written so as NOT to assume a perfect system and environment for that 


Martin Lomas