[Nottingham] Recommendation Against visiting Warner Village Cinemas

Martin nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu May 22 12:43:23 2003

Hi Jon,

> I saw Matrix Reloaded this evening and enjoyed much of the content.
> I plan to see the film again soon and probably attend the group trip.

Good. Please keep the details under wraps until I've seen it at least.

> Fellow LUG members should be aware of these issues with Warner Village
> prior to arranging any trip to that establishment.
> * Exceptionally poor management of the cinema this evening,
>   lack of staff combined with general rudeness and unprofessional conduct.
> * Warner Village cinemas allowed certain patrons to continue to smoke
>   illicit drugs which filled the auditorium with smoke even after being
>   asked repeatedly to adequately handle the situation. It is for this
>   reason that I am calling the HSE/Trading Standards later on today.

On the viewpoint from the auditorium staff there, they may well be under 
instructions to go for 'minimum risk and disruption'. Tackling a few 
docile druggies could easily explode into calling the police and 
stopping the show. These 'free spirit' types can be very agressively 
touchy about having their freedoms curtailed. Stinking foul smelly 
nicotine smokers can be amazingly arrogant or oblivious about their 
filth and 'freedoms' against everyone else.

Perhaps cool reflection is required before embarking on another holy 
crusade. Consider what the staff could have __reasonably__ done, 
considering that they are paid a pittance and are not security guards. 
Then again, you can still argue to get your money back off them for 
unacceptable service...

> On a lighter note, I have written some thoughts on the film in my blog for
> those who do not mind the slight spoiler nature of reading such commentry.

Notes to be compared when I've seen the film.

Stay cool,

Martin Lomas