[Nottingham] CVs, Linux, and amusement

Jon Masters nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri May 23 13:57:00 2003


While on the topic of CVs and Microsoft formats, I cannot resist letting 
you in on this one. I contacted a certain very large UNIX Systems,
services and manufacturing company[0] quite recently, and figured you
might be interested to know that:

``Unfortunately you have not attached your CV, would you please send it as
  either Word or ASCII''.

Of course there are two reactions to this:

1). I am instantly put off and think ``now why would a UNIX Systems
    company whose systems do not and cannot run Microsoft Office ask for a
    Word document?''. This immediately asks people to go somewhere else as
    quickly as possible or to wonder why said company is running M$.

2). I send a PDF with accompanying explanation.


[0] Yes, that one, sladen.