[Nottingham] CVs, Linux, and amusement

James Gibbon nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri May 23 14:28:01 2003

Jon Masters wrote:

> While on the topic of CVs and Microsoft formats, I cannot resist letting 
> you in on this one. I contacted a certain very large UNIX Systems,
> services and manufacturing company[0] quite recently, and figured you
> might be interested to know that:
> ``Unfortunately you have not attached your CV, would you please send it as
>   either Word or ASCII''.
>          ^^^^
> Of course there are two reactions to this:
> 1). I am instantly put off and think ``now why would a UNIX Systems
>     company whose systems do not and cannot run Microsoft Office ask for a
>     Word document?''. This immediately asks people to go somewhere else as
>     quickly as possible or to wonder why said company is running M$.

I think you are either overestimating the degree of loathing and
religious prejudice that people who work with Unix - in general -
feel toward Microsoft -applications- (as opposed to Windows or
Microsoft itself), or underestimating the usefulness of using
proprietary formats which are de-facto standards.

As long as there's a business advantage in using PCs running
Windows - and if you are likely to receive Excel spreadsheets or
Word documents from external sources on a regular basis, there is -
then even a company whose business is based on Unix is going to do

I worked in the Unix systems department of a large firm for several
years, and, in addition to my nice shiny SPARCstation, I had to use
an NT PC nearly every day. No, I didn't enjoy it, but at least I
understood the need to do so.

And lets be honest - while their operating system is a disgrace,
some of their desktop applications deserve their status as defacto
standards.  If I had to knock up a project plan this afternoon, I'd
use M$ Project.  And if I needed to create a presentation, I'd
definitely rather use Powerpoint than whatever OpenOffice has to
offer.  Sorry .. ;o)

I bet that Unix systems company you refer to had Windows or NT on
their PCs, and the part of their message that you quote here 
reinforces my point quite well.