[Nottingham] Linux

.waffle nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun May 25 14:39:01 2003

[points] At least you can use Linux to read your mail... I can't. I use
Outlook Express... I'm a member of acx100 driver mailing list, and we're
close to getting a reverse engineered driver out so I can get wireless
working and therefore get Linux on the net... But until then... Win32 for
me! Not that I like it or anything!


James Gibbon <james.gibbon@virgin.net> wrote:
| ".waffle" wrote:
|| Am i the only one who sees balnk emails, and the actual email is
|| in an attachment? Very annoying...
| I don't know if you're the only one, but I personally didn't
| receive the message body you refer to (Robert's mail of 15:01 23/5)
| as an attachment.  It came through as a multipart/signed, with
| text/plain and application/pgp-signature parts, and my mailer
| (exmh) handled it properly.
| Does your mailer have trouble with these?
| James
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