[Nottingham] Awareness day - Time to do your stuff.

Duncan John Fyfe djf at star.le.ac.uk
Sun Nov 2 20:24:46 GMT 2003

On Sun, 2 Nov 2003, Martin wrote:

> Well...
> I think we've had an excellent day at Greens Mill with a lot of people
> noseying through (well over 100?). Also had a good pickup of our Morphix
> cds for people to try out for themselves (over 50 or so?). The room got
> rather warm with all the people, machines, and the hot air being generated.
> Next meetup is this Monday *(TOMORROW!!!)*
>  >>>
> The Limits of Freedom, 3rd November 2003
> Note: This is a Monday rather than the usual Wednesday
> A topic for discussion. What do you understand by free software ? What
> does it mean to you and how wrong are other people ?
> [Or... The alternative to the World ruled by Microsoft?]
>  >>>
> ...and ...err ... our web page hasn't been updated to say *where* we'll
> be meeting!

You do me a disservice sir.

I suggest you refresh your chache, I updated it last night.
I've now added a little emphasis to make it stand out more.
It reads:

Broadway Business Centre
32a Stoney Street
+ extras

A "Getting Started With Linux" follow up to the awareness
day is something I put forward many moons ago and it is
really the reason we've got the discussion 12 point Times New Roman'd
in for tomorrow. If people turn up and would rather cover something else
it isn't going to displace anyone's preparations for giving s talk.

Sorry for missing the Roebuck last night but things needed doing
here at home.

Have fun,

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