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Michael Leuty mike at leuty.net
Thu Nov 6 16:33:21 GMT 2003

On Thursday 06 Nov 2003 12:07, Robert Postill wrote:
> Apparently dome of the posters that were stuck up for the awareness
> day have been deemed fly posting.  This is an offence (I've yet to
> find out what type of offence) and as such Nottingham City Council
> apparently will be prosectuting.

Oops! IANAL either, but I think we need to present ourselves as a decent 
albeit misguided charitable organisation and not a bunch of devious low 
lifes. So I suggest that we:

1. Remove any remaining posters quam celerrime.

2. Write an official letter to the Council ASAP from the Committee of 
the LUG or, if that body does not exist, several members with 
doctorates or other qualifications reeking of respectibility. In the 
- express regret and apologise unreservedly
- say we realise that ignorance of the law is no excuse but we were 
genuinely unaware that what we were doing was wrong
- we will certainly not break this law again in future
- we will of course pay any fine imposed upon us but we would like the 
following mitigating circumstances to be taken into account
- the posters were removed as soon as possible after the event
- the posters were to publicise a non-profit making event which could be 
of benefit to the public

3. If the Council let us off with a warning, try to sell the story to 
the Evening Post as "generous Council who are saving money by 
converting to Linux themselves forgive amateur group who inadvertently 
break law while trying to inform general public of same".

4. Essential to keep correspondence polite apologetic respectable and 
law abiding, to impress the beaks if we are prosecuted. It may well be 
worthwhile turning up in magistrates court (hair short and beards neat 
and tidy) in that event, rather than just pleading guilty by letter. 
Depends how much the fine is likely to be.

I agree we could do with a lawyer's advice.

Michael Leuty <mike at leuty.net>

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