[Nottingham] A newbie speaks... nervously

Michael Erskine Michael.Erskine at JASMIN.PLC.UK
Fri Nov 28 10:16:56 GMT 2003

A lot of talk about Debian installers ;)

I'm a Debian convert (my distro loyalty path: RedHat -> SuSE -> Mandrake
-> Slackware -> Debian) and the quickest way I've found to get a fully
hardware-configured (kb/rodent/LAN/sound/gfx) Debian onto a machine is
to do a Morphix HDD install followed by "apt-get upgrade -y" 

This, of course, relies totally on Morphix working fine on the target
machine (which it has to date, but then I do have rather ordinary

-- just my 2p (I like to keep my oar in)

Michael Erskine
Senior Software Engineer
Jasmin Simtec Limited

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