[Nottingham] A newbie speaks... nervously

David Luff David.Luff at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Nov 28 10:46:45 GMT 2003

On 11/27/03 at 6:46 PM Bunter Matthew wrote:

>As Brother Mike Leuty hath spoken, Libranet is basically Debian with a
>lovely installer. Even a complete idiot like me can use it. Their
>Xadminmenu makes using Debian by a beginner very easy. The mailing list is
>also very good for resolving problems (as this one is).
>BUT .... it costs money. (Well worth it in my opinion but for some it
>isn't GNU/Linux if it costs)
>Do a search on Libranet reviews and you'll see how many other people think
>it's a great distro.

Yep, I also installed Libranet as my first proper Linux distro (ie the
first one I actually got properly installed and didn't give up and reformat
it) and still use it. I'd also say its not a bad choice, and it came with
some quite interesting defaults (Icewm instead of Gnome or KDE, does the
latest version still install that by default?).  A friend installed the
latest Mandrake with KDE though and that generally looks a lot more
polished and newbie-friendly, although to be fair I'm comparing it with
Libranet 2.0.

You can get a free version of Libranet, but not from their site - I think
currently the free version is 2.7 and available from www.linuxiso.org,
whereas the pay version is 2.8?

Cheers - Dave

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