[Nottingham] Preventing console starting on embedded arm-linux setup

Ant Allen antony.allen at nottingham.ac.uk
Thu Apr 1 16:15:10 BST 2004

Hi all,

My first post to this group so here's a bit of background.  I'm fairly new
to Linux, but have landed in at the deep end trying to develop an embedded
linux application on an xscale pxa255 based system.  I'm about two months in
and so far I've got lots of serial interface code up and running.  I'm now
working on the graphics system which is writing directly to the linux
framebuffer device.  I've been through a couple of kernel re-compiles so
far, but my knowledge of the internals of linux is somewhat basic.

So here's my current headache ...

At the moment when I boot the arm board I get two login prompts - one via
the serial port to my host (which I want to keep), and one on the crt
monitor connected to the arm board, and reading input from the keyboard also
connected locally to the arm.  I want to prevent this arm-only console from
starting up.  My application is running on the linux framebuffer, and
basically I don't want the console's cursor sitting there messing up my
display.  I also want stdout and stderr for my application to go to the host
via the serial lead rather than overwriting part of the arm's display.

Any ideas?

All help appreciated.


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