[Nottingham] Mandrake 9.2 simple firewall

James Gibbon james.gibbon at virgin.net
Fri Apr 2 12:56:10 BST 2004

I've just had broadband installed (an NTL cable modem, 600K connection),
and it's working nicely over USB with Mandrake 9.2, although I haven't
managed to get it to start up on boot yet (but more of that in another
mail perhaps).

I'm trying to use Mandrake's firewall GUI, drakfirewall, to set up a
simple firewall so I can leave the connection up for long periods of
time.  I believe it uses shorewall and iptables under the covers, but I
have no experience with either.  I don't want to serve anything except
ftp, on an ethernet connection to my laptop, which is why I'm using the
USB connection to the cable modem).

Unfortunately, the only possible option which will leave my internet
connection working is "Everything (no firewall)" !

Grateful for any suggestions ..


PS many thanks to Duncan for suggestions re: wireless networking
following my previous mail.

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