[Nottingham] Mandrake 9.2 simple firewall

James Duncan james_duncan8181 at ntlworld.com
Sat Apr 3 04:26:34 BST 2004

James Gibbon wrote:

> I'm trying to use Mandrake's firewall GUI, drakfirewall, to set up a
> simple firewall so I can leave the connection up for long periods of
> time.  I believe it uses shorewall and iptables under the covers, but I
> have no experience with either.  I don't want to serve anything except
> ftp, on an ethernet connection to my laptop, which is why I'm using the
> USB connection to the cable modem).
> Unfortunately, the only possible option which will leave my internet
> connection working is "Everything (no firewall)" !
> Grateful for any suggestions ..
How about using something a bit more advanced then drakconfig?  If you 
want something a little more finegrained but easier to use, try guarddog 
(http://www.simonzone.com/software/guarddog/).  I have set it up for 
several people - it has a very simple tickbox interface to allow (it is 
deny by default) various protocols on incoming, outgoing or both 
traffic.  Also it can do smart things like define groups that have 
different rules apply to them.  Automatically configures iptables so it 
works even if you uninstall.  Generally shit hot, try it.

James Duncan

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