[Nottingham] SAMBA websharing

Rob Keeling rob at rjkeeling.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Apr 14 16:15:50 BST 2004

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Subject: [Nottingham] SAMBA websharing

>Is it possible to set up SAMBA to allow windows webaccess to mapped drives?
Having just got a broadband connection I'm trying to sort out how I >can
escape ever having to come into the office again.  I've managed to sort out
access to network drives on Netware servers, but I admin the research
>group's print/file server on RH9 and so far can't get to this.

>At the moment it is set up to allow Xceed, SSH and internal SMABA clients
all of which is fine, but I would like to map a drive on my XP machine at
>home (yeah, so I should get rid of Bindows and solve all these problems,
but don't yet have the time/inclination).

Can you use winscp? This gives sftp access (which should work if you have
ssh access) and a windows explorer style view of the remote filesystem.
Its not a mapped drive letter, but its a start.

Rob Keeling

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