[Nottingham] Awareness day

Duncan John Fyfe djf at star.le.ac.uk
Mon Nov 1 12:45:45 GMT 2004

On Mon, 1 Nov 2004, Robert Postill wrote:

> What can you do to help?
> Fri:
> Be there and be friendly.  Server oriented demos and advice for
> migration from Windows are likely to be big winners.  All stories of how
> good Linux is for task X (use cases will be especially welcome) will
> help.

Time 10:00 - 16:00 both days.
I think we can set up from 9:30ish.

Anyone with business contacts, please pass on details.  Don't just
think of their business, think of who they might talk to too.  I now know,
through an accountant friend of another business trying to go all linux.

Remember, the nature of the venue means we cannot conduct business
during the awareness days but contacts made are fair game for
consultancy work etc afterwards.

If we are going to do server demos does anyone have a
box(+time) to run as a demo dhcp/web/mail/... server ?
If so can we agree network particulars etc before Friday so those
bringing boxes can pre-prepare connecting to these services.

[Equipment Offered]
1 	desktop
1 	laptop
1 	8 port hub
1 	WAP
Much 	Cat5

[Equipment Needed]
1	Portable speakers

Have fun,

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