[Nottingham] Awareness day

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Mon Nov 1 13:13:10 GMT 2004

Michael Simms wrote:
> I'll bring a box down - I assume no net access again... I can set up
> databases and stuff, and have the office products all there and
> waiting... Id appreciate someone driving my box from my place to the
> windmill though, as I really dont wanna try and carry it all that way
> {:-)

I can help you out with the transport. Don't want to see you gasping and 
in a death sweat like last year! Just make sure that all the soggy rats 
are cleared out first please (;-P)

> On the needed equipment, erm, I have some speakers but they are crappy 4
> quid ones - I'll bring them anyway.

There's my usual collection of bits 'n' pieces. I'll see what I can sort 
out. Unfortunately, I'm badly rushed/overloaded this week (:-((

> Is there a phone line in there, maybe then we could at least dialup to a
> local ISP and get net access that way. If so I'll set up my laptop as a
> gateway for that. If its an NTL phone line, all the better as I have an
> NTLworld account we can use and it wont cost anything to connect.

Good idea. Or even someone nearby with wireless (WiFi, 11g, ...)?

Anyone got any (digital/digitised) photos from last year?



Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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