[Nottingham] mandrake-10 PowerPack RPM listing anywhere?

rwd Nickalls dicknickalls at compuserve.com
Sun Oct 3 09:53:45 BST 2004

Does anyone know where I can find a full RPM listing of the contents of 
the Mandrake 10 PowerPack ???
(I can find an internet  listing of  the "download" version of 10,. but not
for the powerpack version)

The reason I ask is that it seems as though it includes  fewer RPMs
relating to the teTeX 
implementation than doed 9.2- ie I could not find the tetex-xdvi RPM
recently on someone's  LapTop
with mandrake-10 installed
 - so my impression is that they are leaving out some of the useful tetex
support RPMs.
If this is the case, then this is a great shame.

a full listing  would be a great resource.

Dick N-ickalls
dept anaethesia, 
City Hospital

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