[Nottingham] Lyx Printing

david wolfson eaxdrw at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Oct 6 15:47:45 BST 2004

Following on from previous posts, I'm having a dabble with Lyx, and seem 
to be getting the hang of it.  Trouble is, it's not much use if I can't 
print anything!  Roger's given me a few pointers (cheers), but I've 
still had no luck. 

I'm able to print to a .ps file, which I can then print out with an 
'lpr', but I can't print straight from lyx.  I can also export a .dvi 
that I can print with the 'dvips' command. It may be to do with an old 
version of tetex (tetex-1.0.7-66), so I'm looking into upgrading that 
(but after the 'don't mix rpms ans self-builds I'm having trouble 
finding an rpm...), but surely it should still print if configured 

The help pages in the lyx version I've got aren't the most helpful 
(along the lines of 'well printing should be ok, and anyway, this is a 
lyx help, not a printing manual!), and as everything seems to work 
independantly I'm inclined to think lyx isn't telling dvips/lpr the 
right things...

Any ideas gratefully recieved,


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