[Nottingham] Outre Manche

Michael Leuty mike at leuty.net
Sun Oct 31 21:54:43 GMT 2004

I've just spent a week across the Channel where, as some listmembers 
will know, the culture is slightly different.

Here the Linux magazines review FTP clients, over there they review 
software for translating Latin, inter alia. And so I learned that Saint 
Augustine was an early advocate of open source:

Omnis enim res quae dando non deficit, dum habetur et non datur; nondum 
habetur quomodo habenda.
(As for all those things which can be given without being used up, as 
long as I possess them without giving them, I do not possess them as I 
De doctina Christiana, I, 1.

In other news, France Telecom aims to provide ADSL coverage for the 
entire country by 2009, while the cost of a 1Mb unlimited ADSL line is 
now only 15€ (about ten quid) per month.

No wonder Matt keeps trying to get me to move there....

Michael Leuty
Nottingham, UK

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