[Nottingham] Nvidia, GLX and Direct Rendering Problems.

Dalkus dalkus at fyrelizard.com
Sat Apr 2 12:52:16 BST 2005

Michael wrote:

> Peter Chang wrote:
>> Please read the documentation that comes with the packages. The NVIDIA
>> driver packages comes with several components: kernel module, X server
>> plugin modules and GLX (wrapper) libraries. You need to modify your X
>> config file as follows (if your Ubuntu disto's package doesn't do so
>> already).
>> 1) Driver "nv" => Driver "nvidia"
>> 2) ensure you have a Load "glx"
>> 3) remove Load "dri" and Load "GLcore" (by commenting them out or 
>> deleting
>> them).
>> hth,
>>  Peter
> The Ubuntu nvidia-glx package has a script that will do all this for 
> you: README.Debian instructs one to run "sudo nvidia-glx-config 
> enable". It's usually quite important to read the README!


Sorry, I wasn't aware of the readme, I'll defiantly go through it. I 
fear that my problem isn't a usual one however, the nvidia-glx package 
has been set to 'enable' and all the relevant packages are installed, 
but every time I set 'nv' to 'nvidia' X cannot restart again with the 
message 'no screens found'.

Anyway, I'll read the documentation and see If that will iron out any 
problems, also the latest version of Ubuntu is about to be released as 
stable, so I'll wait until then before I ask again.

Many thanks

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