[Nottingham] Nvidia, GLX and Direct Rendering Problems.

Michael perl at tecspy.com
Sat Apr 2 09:32:51 BST 2005

Peter Chang wrote:
> Please read the documentation that comes with the packages. The NVIDIA
> driver packages comes with several components: kernel module, X server
> plugin modules and GLX (wrapper) libraries. You need to modify your X
> config file as follows (if your Ubuntu disto's package doesn't do so
> already).
> 1) Driver "nv" => Driver "nvidia"
> 2) ensure you have a Load "glx"
> 3) remove Load "dri" and Load "GLcore" (by commenting them out or deleting
> them).
> hth,
>  Peter

The Ubuntu nvidia-glx package has a script that will do all this for 
you: README.Debian instructs one to run "sudo nvidia-glx-config enable". 
It's usually quite important to read the README!


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