[Nottingham] [EXTRA INFORMATION] Re: *** THIS WED *** 06/04/2005 'LAN Party & Fix-it Evening'

Martin Garton martin at stupids.org
Mon Apr 4 14:22:18 BST 2005

On Mon, 2005-04-04 at 13:05, Martin wrote:

> We have places for newbies and hackers alike.

Just to make sure its clear, we will not be publishing the address, so
if you want to come please email nlug_party at ml1.co.uk or you won't know
where to go.  Also, we need to confirm exact numbers as early as
possible so we can get tables etc arranged.

> The venue is just off Hucknel Road, NG3. 19:00 onwards.
Actually, its NG5!

> If interested, please email:
> nlug_party at ml1.co.uk

Martin G.

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